Archaeological solutions to clients in Kent and the surrounding counties

The Darnley drone was back in action on a recent flight over the Ramsgate Gasworks. A beautiful example of industrial Victoriana in the heart of the town.

The building is going to be preserved and converted and a development is planned for the remaining site so it was an ideal opportunity to showcase many aspects of the Drone capabilities that Darnley offer. The potential benefits for drone work go far beyond a video or some nice quality photos, with every survey being composed of hundreds of 4K quality photographs and stills that can be taken from the videos there are numerous report formats, image styles, digital enhancements etc. which can be applied.

Darnley have invested in the latest software to provide a range of surveys for our clients including a 3d interactive model of the gasworks buildings, a geo-rerefenced plan of the entire site and even a report containing spoil volume analysis. We will return to the site and follow up with a fully edited HD video survey after Christmas to show off our editing skills.

Take a look at the images here and if you think you might want a 3d model of your property, an inspection survey of your roof or a weekly site development plan for your build, give us a call.

Thanks to SWAT Archaeology for giving us access to the site.